have courage to set free into the sky with overflowing dreams

Honestly, I was just scared of betrayal, I knew that nothing would change if I kept running away, but I couldn't change myself. The loneliness I prided myself on was a pair of wings to escape to my worthless dreams the self assertion I prided myself on called "RIOT". There was no freedom, nothing beyond this light. I was drowning in each rough new day and before I knew it I was shouldering such loneliness. It was hard. To be honest, I really don't want to be on my own.

TSU/Qiao + 14 + Female + Asian


Tenten's heart and soul
property of IV

{Nana} pushed me
→ against the wall ←
and said:
" Let's do it tonight,

¦» ×Nana× caught me staring and gave me a wink! «¦

[Ryu] asked from me last night:
" Darling, can I do to you some magic tricks?"
I answered "yes" and now I can tell that the last night was the best night of my life.

always wakes me up with kiss ~

I don't need pretty colors
or flashy pictures from a blog crew
to prove how obsessed I am with
{ Mamo }

Me and Tara evening consists of:
Whipped Cream
and more wh-- oh wait
That's not whipped cream ;D

Me and [Yuli] conversation last night:
[Tenten]: " You're always so kind and thoughtful, that's why I love you."
[Yuli]: " I can be a bad boy too~. Do you want to see?"
And the other is not suitable to tell. ;>

Last night I had a dream.
IV dressed up as Link
and s a v e d me from Ganondorf's evil castle!

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