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15 January 2009 @ 05:22 pm
Elegy -- Mika Nakashima inspi'  
You've been walking for miles
Your traces have already disappeared
Have you turned into ash?
Everythinh blurs and I lose sight of everything

The memories we shared dye darker each day
In desperation, I try to dream a colorful dream
I want to take your hand again
I don't want to cry no more

I look around, and you don't exist
This loneliness grips me by my foot
But where are you to hold my hand
Where are you to guide me in my journey

This burning sensation in my chest is neverending
Ah, the scar of the soul grows...
It longs for that one person

Even though you are far way
I try to grasp you
Even if though I can't hear you
Listen to my song

That shadow of us on the pavement...
Where has it gone?
Just once more, I want to be with you
Current Mood: accomplished